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A Text A Day

1.1 usd

“A Text A Day”, enjoy literature day after day! Following the principles of the two French apps “Un Texte Un Jour” and “Un Poème Un Jour”, “A Text A Day” invites you to (re)discover English literature in an original and playful form. Every day, you will have an excerpt from the work of a major English-speaking writer and its context.
You can also: - Play the game of the hidden portrait.- Test your cultural knowledge with “The Challenge of the Day”. - Save and Share your favorite texts. - See the top 5 most recommended texts. - Prepare for your exams and your General Knowledge Tests.
We hope you will like the diversity of authors and texts and the comments and explanations made around them. On the bus or at home, enjoy a moment of tranquility and have a literary pleasure every day: with your smartphone or your tablet, you will be part of a state-of-the-art literary salon!